Field-Map X5 - list of new functions

Software module Function
Data Collector - Synchronization
Possibility to run the synchronization only for one plot
Data Collector - Synchronization Analysis of SynchroJournal activity
Data Collector
Button and font expansion - adjust screen for figer control

Data Collector Setting of thousand separator for numerical attributes (set in Project Manager)

Data Collector - Database Query Tool
Possibility to calculate weighted average
Project Manager Checking of master lookup lists before each compilation
Inventory Analyst
Possibility of one-sided confidence interval calculation
Inventory Analyst Modification in weighted average calculation (stratum, which does not include forest or forest land, is not included in further calculations)
Data Collector and Project Manager
New context help + Direct help "?" buttons were put into operation

Stem Analyst
Automatic save of scatter chart of stem profile data
Data Collector Possibility to save and correct the value of magnetic declination when positioning using trees
Field-Map Data Printer New user defined settings (e.g. one/double sided printing)
FireBird Dektop Possibility to define query and export results to MS Excel

FireBird Dektop The list of tables and fields in a project appears after pressing right mouse button - it is possible to simply insert the name of table or field into SQL query
Field-Map Scripting
New functions for format conversion related to Blob format
Field-Map Scripting New events: BeforeMovePoint and AfterMovePoint

Field-Map Scripting New functions CreatePointsAlongLine, SaveToExcel
Field-Map Scripting New functions supporting direct measurement using devices
Field-Map Scripting New statistic functions (Mean, Median, SD, Confidence interval, Stratified mean, "Total" statistics)
Field-Map library New library available via scripting: RegressionModel.dll
Field-Map Scripting New function ShowDistributionChart
Data Collector —Automatical conversion of numerical to date format (if the imput to Date field is 3112, it is automatically converted to 31.12. 2015 - the current year is automatically included)
Data Collector —Hidden column Name in “open plot dialog” when all IDs and names are same
Data Collector —On-line calliper measurement of deadwood

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