Field-Map in Keywords - Differentiating Field-Map

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Various attribute types (numeric, alphanumeric, memo, logical, date, time, picture, video, voice memo)

  • String attribute may reach up to 255 characters (10 is default). This attribute type should be used carefully, because entering strings on keyboard-less field computer is impractical. Alphanumeric strings are also not very practical for further data analysis.
  • Number attribute represents numerical data. The default number type is a 4 byte integer and when you define any decimal places it becomes a 8 byte floating point.
  • Logical attribute may be one of the two values TRUE or FALSE.
  • Date attribute is an obvious attribute. In Field-Map Data Collector it may be filled automatically by double clicking the input box. The format of date may be defined in the Regional settings of the Windows control panel.
  • Date+Time attribute is date (see attribute Date) and time in hours, minutes and seconds. This attribute may be filled automatically by double clicking the input box.
  • Memo attribute is appropriate when maximum length of string description cannot be predicted at time of design time or where 255 characters of String attribute type is not enough. Memo can hold up to 64 000 characters.
  • Voice memo can record voice if your computer is equiped with a microphone and sound card.
  • Picture (jpg, bmp, emf, wmf, ico) can be attached to the entity.
  • Video (avi, wmv, mpeg) can be attached to the entity.
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