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Advanced attributing (counter, line length, lookup lists, conditional lookup lists, quick switch on/off of lookup list items, default values)

Counter. The user may define a Counter attribute when it needs systematically to count (in ascent or descent order) an entity’s quantitative characteristic. The counter will be always a numeric attribute (e.g. the number of coppices of a particular tree).

Line length. This is a numeric attribute, which enables the user to collect length lines when measuring –with the laser- the starting and ending point of a particular line (e.g. The tree branch length)

Lookup lists. It is a special attribute type, which combines numeric or alphanumeric ID and description. ID is a unique code entered into the database. Description is a verbal explanation of the ID’s meaning. Lookup lists are preferably used where asset of predefined values is known prior to commencing data collection. A lookup list attribute has the following advantages: Fast data collection, Database consistency (only predefined values may be entered), possible conditionality of lookup lists.

Conditional lookup lists. It is another type of lookup list, but it dynamically changes the number of items in relation to the master lookup list. It is a table consisting of four columns: Mater, ID, Value and Active. Master contains the item from the master lookup list. When Master item is selected in master lookup list, then the subset of items becomes available in a conditional lookup list. ID, Value and Active have the same meaning as they have in ordinary look up lists.

Default values. Field-Map allows the user to predefined default values. This function is especially useful when describing number of entities, which share all of them one same attribute. For example when describing a Pinus patula stand. In this case, each tree of the stand will have the same Name attribute. That way, in order to save time when collecting data, “Pinus patula” shall be set as a Name default value for all the tree entities.
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