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Import of map features and attributes from various data formats

Import formats
Geographic entities of following formats can be imported:
  • ESRI shapefile
  • Coverage
  • DXF
  • DGN
  • DWG
Importing lines, points and polygons
There are „Import points“ and „Import lines“ functions available. It is also possible to import lines and points (centroids) into a polygon layer that will later participate in the building polygons routine.

Importing trees
There are special finctions „Import trees“ and „Import crown projections“ available. „Import trees“ function can import any of the user attributes and also Z coordinates or Species. However, it is not possible to import the DBH attribute (use „Update Attributes from File“ function instead.) The crown profile and the stem profile are not importable.

Importing deadwood
There is „Import deadwood“ function avalable, too. Each piece of deadwood is represented by a line leading lengthwise through an axis and connecting all vertices (base, all break points and end) of the deadwood and by a polygon circumscribing the deadwood in a horizontal projection.
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