Field-Map X6 - list of new functions

Software module Function
Field-Map generally

Geodatabase - Option to store spatial data directly in the database in binary format
Data is stored in standardized format that can be used in other applications (WKB format = Well-known binary)

Data Collector New support of electronic devices
  • Support of on-line calliper in Deadwood measurement
  • Up to 3 non-specific devices controlled by scripting
Data Collector
Database Query Tool
  • Synchronized vs. local tasks
  • Store result of tasks in navigator file – use DQT for fast searching of records in database
  • Formatted export to Excel
Data Collector
  • Option to run synchronization only for currently open plot or entire database
  • Synchronization of all graphic and numeric layers
  • Possibility to skip some layers from synchronization
  • Synchronization was significantly speeded-up and the transfer of graphical objects was made more stable (WKB blobs instead of shapefiles)
  • Analyze Synchronization Traffic tool
  • Attempt to repeat synchronization in case of failure because of the busy database
  • Post meta-data of FM project and lookup lists to synchronization (easy updating)
  • Post other project files to synchronization
Data Collector
Other functions
  • Positioning to trees – store automatically correction of magnetic declination for the next mapping
  • Data checking – results are stored in Navigator for fast movement in database
  • Automatic zoom to selected entity after switch to map
  • Ability to sort the records in the summary table by clicking on the name of the attribute in the header
Project Manager Import attribute labels from another FM Project
Inventory Analyst
Support of more languages in exported results
New export to Excel – formatted export
FireBird Dektop Enables creating, deleting and altering tables
Possibility to define regression charts
Field-Map Scripting
  • Scripting functions for basic statiscics
  • Regression and regression charts
  • New GIS functions
  • New functions for work with XML
  • Get current settings and use it in scripting
  • New string list wrapper
  • Scripting functions control devices and measurement
  • Stem profile modeling
  • Users interface – new functions
Technical support New web for technical support and examples: http://support.field-map.com/

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