Field-Map X7 - list of new functions

Software module Function
Field-Map generally The ability to open any Field-Map module (Data Collector, Project Manager, Inventory Analyst and Stem Analyst) multiple times and simultaneously. However, it is not possible to open one Field-Map project at one time in Data Collector and at Project Manager at the same time
Data Collector New support of electronic devices
  • Laser Geo (Haglöf)
  • Mantax Digitech II (Haglöf)
  • TruPulse Dendroscope (new generation)
Data Collector New mapping function
  • Line mapping from device position
  • More...
Data Collector Synchronization
  • Synchronization features improved, more stability
Data Collector Other functions
  • Function "Save map screenshot" - new tool for simple exporting map view extent with all active layers and background map into raster image. Possible image formats are JPG and BMP or directly pasting from clipboard. More...
  • Function "Stay colored" is available also for line layers More...
  • Stem profile - new Dendroscope calibration, more precise measurement of remote diameter
  • Adjust screen for height resolution display (button and font expansion) - extension range from 100 to 250%
Project Manager
  • The ability to copy and paste the contents of the lookup list via clipboard
  • More options to deactivate features, buttons, and settings in Data Collector (simplify Field-Map project) More...
FireBird Dektop Database Query Tool
  • Run multiple query (update, delete). Queries must be separated by a semicolon (;)
Field-Map Scripting Many new scripting functions
Technical support New videos, examples, on-line help on the technical support page https://support.field-map.com/

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