What is Field-Map?

Field-Map is a software and hardware technology for effective computer-aided field data collection and data processing.

Field-Map combines a flexible real-time GIS software Field-Map with electronic equipment for mapping and dendrometric measurements.

Field-Map in Keywords - Differentiating Field-Map

Field-Map hardware

For field measurement you can select from variety of hardware sets. (more...)

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Field-Map News

13.03.2018 7th Field-Map International User Conference, 24th – 26st October, 2018, The White Carpathians Protected Landscape Area, Czech Republic (more...)
06.02.2018 Field-Map X7 - list of new functions (more...)

Field-Map new applications

Discover the latest application of Field-Map for standing trees volume assessment (more...)

Field-Map photo gallery

Field-Map Software

Field-Map software bundle is divided into two main parts, Project Manager and Data Collector:

Field-Map Project Manager

Design your project on desktop PC using user-friendly interface with no need of programming skills. (more...)

Field-Map Data Collector

Map, measure and describe field attributes with support of pen based tablet computer.

For data analysis there is Field-Map Inventory Analyst and Field-Map Stem Analyst.

Field-Map Inventory Analyst

Analyze your data, use advanced statistical processing tools and produce instant PDF tables and graphs. (more...)

Field-Map Stem Analyst

Calculate volume of standing trees and even assortments on the base of direct measurements. (more...)

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