Frequently Asked Questions

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  What is the link between Project Manager and Data Collector?

Based on the project prepared with Field-Map Project Manager, Field-Map automatically generates a matching field application with a notebook-like arrangement. Because the pages of the notebook are created exactly according to the user-defined layers and attribute tables, such a user interface on a field computer makes your data collection easy and transparent. Individual attributes are accessible via edit boxes or combo boxes with drop-down lookup lists.

   How is mapping solved in Field-Map?

Mapping is the real heart of Field-Map. Individual geographical entities of multiple layers can be created, visualized and edited. Points and lines are created based on the co-ordinates imported directly from external devices. The Poly-Shape tool builds polygons with full topology from lines coming from single or multiple layers, and centroids with attached attributes. The area and perimeter of polygons are calculated automatically.

   What mapping tasks can be done with the Field-Map?

Field-Map covers virtually all kinds of tasks related to field mapping or field measurements. Starting from, for example simple mapping of site conditions up to a national forest inventory with hundreds of attributes stored in a large number of related tables.
Field-Map projects can be quickly developed and easily adjusted during project execution.

   How do you keep spatial reference when you move in the field?

A system of temporary reference points established in the field allows the user to move freely within the study area without loosing the georeference of the current measurement point. This solution increases the efficiency of field work.

   What are the forestry-oriented functions in Field-Map?

Trees recieve special treatment in Field-Map. Located as points, trees can be completed with breast height diameter data directly from an electronic calliper and visualized as polygons of tree basal areas. Special tools are available to measure overlapping polygons of horizontal crown projections. Thanks to the laser equipment, you can directly measure tree heights and heights of crown bases. Additionally, this technology allows you to measure vertical profiles of tree crowns and stems with minimal effort.

   Does Field-Map have any tool for converting between geographic coordinate systems?

The local Carthesian co-ordinate system based on the local origin established in or close to the area of measurement can be converted to a selected map projection at any time during project execution.
Working with such a map projection, you can use any existing map layer (both vectors and images) as a background map. Using a background map, the electronic field mapping and pen mapping utilities of Field-Map provide you with a powerful tool for building and/or editing maps.
Field-Map uses the latest ESRI ArcGIS map projection engine working with hundreds of different map projections.

   What about repeated measurements?

For repeated measurements Field-Map provides you with a utility for copying database structures. Optionally, the old values can be transferred to selected attribute fields. Attributes may also be transferred conditionally. In this case the data are shown in italics in the Field-Map forms, and only after approval or re-measurement do they change into regular values.

   How can I navigate to a specific point in the field?

Field-Map provides you with a navigation utility. Target points with known co-ordinates can be found using step-by-step traversing.
The remaining distance and the direction to the target location are indicated throughout the process of traversing. Orientation is made easy using "clockwise" navigation.
Either the laser rangefinder or GPS can be used for navigation. Using the range fi nder is particularly useful for navigation under a dense forest canopy.

   Is there any data validation tool to check errors?

A significant reduction of potential sources of errors is achieved by using lookup lists for attribute values, field measurement with an optimized transfer of data from the external equipment to the field computer, and the direct transfer of data from the field computer to the desktop computer. Field-Map features an additional utility for checking data validity, which maintains data consistency. In this way data can be checked directly in the field.

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