What is Field-Map?

Field-Map is a system for computer aided field data collection with primary emphasis to forestry.

It is a highly flexible system. Its use starts from the level of single tree measurement, through the level of research or inventory plot, up to the landscape level. Field-Map has been designed primarily for the purposes of forest inventory but it has functionality for a number of different field data collection tasks like forestry mapping,

attributing forest stands for forest management planning, carbon offset monitoring, landscape mapping, standing volume assessment, measurement of research plots, inventory and monitoring of nature reserves, etc.

Field-Map product line combines flexible real-time GIS software with electronic equipment for mapping and dendrometric measurement.

Field-Map system has been originally developed for the purpose of the national forest inventories. Currently it is the only software and hardware solution that is being used in numerous national forest inventories (NFIs).

The idea behind Field-Map for NFIs is a continuous development of the software product, which is flexible enough to cover all requirements of various NFI methodologies. Such a solution is significantly more efficient than costly development and maintenance of a specific solution in individual countries.

Another very important aspect of Field-Map is the support of multiple field teams. The largest project is represented by the National Forest Inventory of Russian Federation with nearly 300 field teams.

Practical information

Training of the Field-Map technology for two forest engineers is free of charge with every purchase of Field-Map bundle.

New versions of the software are released every year. One year of free technical support including software upgrades is provided with every Field-Map bundle license. Software updates end demo versions can be downloaded from the web pages www.field-map.com.

Technical support using hot line via e-mail, phone or fax is available to Field-Map customers. The guarantee period for the software is two years, for the hardware part is one year.